Moving forward RailsWest will have a “Family of Brands” — Part 2

In Part 1, I shared the very modest RailsWest family of brands.  In this post, I will share the far more robust family of brands B. Smith features on his layout.

His classic brand is the Limpia Canyon Northern (LCN). He enjoys operating under multiple eras within the LCN short line road name he created many years ago.

LCN logo 7 with n tighter

Under the LCN road name he operates multiple eras/locales–

LCN in Magdalena 1990:
unnamed (7)
LCN in Sanderson 1970’s:
LCN in Sanderson early 1960’s:
unnamed (1)
unnamed (2)
LCN in Pecos 1970’s:
unnamed (3)
In the last few years, he has welcomed a sentimental favorite of his, the Western Pacific, “to the stage.” This brand focuses on Milpitas, CA:
1970S WP LOGO (2)
He runs two eras in this locale:
WP in Milpitas, CA 1980:
unnamed (4)
unnamed (5)
WP in Milpitas, CA early 70’s:
unnamed (6)
Recently, to my delight he added, one of my favorites, the Southern Pacific on the Kerrville, TX Branch to the stage in two eras.
Kerrville Branch 3 (2)
SP in Kerrville, TX 1970’s:
unnamed (8)
SP in Kerrville, TX late 60’s:
unnamed (9)
Lastly, he also recently added a Western Pacific scenario in Nevada:
(He’ll share the story of the proto-freelanced Eureka Branch in a future post.)
WP Branch (2)
WP in Eureka, NV late 1960’s:
Now keeping up with the ACI’s and COTS, inspection dots, etc, is a handful, but what a richness that keeps his operations fresh and full of variety.
We hope you enjoy these many brands as the RailsWest website resumes more robust operations!
–C E Hunt and B Smith

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