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Pecos Valley Southern in 1978 ©B Smith
Pecos Valley Southern in 1978 ©B Smith

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“Out in the middle of nowhere, a single car to pick up, light rail, little ballast, just laid back easy going railroading.”–B. Smith

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An Encore Request on the Limpia Canyon Northern

B. Smith and I (C.E. Hunt) have been collaborating on this blog since 2014. My layout, RailsWest, is still very much a work in progress. My writing, art and other things keep me way too busy. B. Smith’s layout, the Limpia Canyon Northern (which now has multiple brands/eras) is almost a finished masterpiece.

I only say “almost” because he is always finding ways to perfect his layout! I often get requests to see his entire layout, so I thought I would post the beginning of a 5 part exploration of his layout from 2017 here. By clicking on the link below, it will take you to Part I of the five part series. B. Smith has continued to perfect the layout so there have been a few minor tweaks here and there and the range of the eras expanded, but the photos in this series are still close to the current layout.

Click here to begin the series. Hope you enjoy the journey! It is an outstanding layout. B. Smith has been a huge inspiration to me!

Click here to learn about the LCN family of “brands.”

WP Eureka Turn, Feb. 28, 1970, part 2

By B. Smith

Lunch was good. Tia’s has an original, carna asada tacos, that keeps the WP crews always coming back for more. (Click here to see Part 1.)

Okay, first thing is to get the three empties coupled together.

And the four car train pulls ahead.  All that’s left to get the caboose and spot that B&O box car.

Don’t couple into the caboose too hard, that’s the conductor standing by it and that caboose is his pride and joy.

Now we can again back down the Drill Tex spur, this time to spot their loaded box car.

All the way to the end of the spur.

The four car train pulls out of the Drill Tex spur, all local work completed.  (You can actually see the angle bars I spent all morning installing on the rails!)

Line the spur switch, do an air test, and head back north to the WP main and on to the Elko, Nevada yard where the train ties up.  Hopefully, mainline trains won’t cause too much of a delay and the crew can get an early quit.  One load, three empties will mean the train can make track speed.