Trashing up the joint

An interesting aspect of modeling the mid-1970s, is a chance to evoke the era by bringing back some of the old brands to their former prominence.  Many of us recall the ubiquitous aqua colored Sears vans roaming the land.  We can do that by attempting to use the correct logos for the era.  Many brands, such as Taco Bell, Sears, Jack-in-the-Boxes, McDonalds and Western Autos, all had distinctive logos from the 1970s just to name a very few.

While I was grocery shopping the other day, I came across this bag.


I thought now if I could shrink that down, I’d have some nice 1970s trash for the layout.  What better way to evoke the 1970s than a little 70s trash lying about.  That is how we got that epic ad with the American Indian tearfully regarding the American landscape anyway.

So I poked around the internet and found other examples–some are not as high of resolution, but they are fun to think about.



Of course, there are many types of recognizable trash so I expect some creativity from the RailsWest readers and look forward to photos being shared.

Just as a quick proof of concept, I experimented.


This is quick and dirty stuff.  At some point, I’ll print it on photo paper to get better resolution.  However, I think this could be fun and helpful to evoke the 1970s.



Not too bad.  Ernie and Pablo, the warehousemen at the distributorship, need to police their trash a bit better!

Have fun trashing your joint.