Arrowhead’s Committee Design Hopper in 1990 (and late-1960s)

Though the “new” date on the new DRGW hopper by Arrowhead Models is 1966, the Committee Design hopper can earn its keep into the 1990s.

B. Smith has revised and weathered one side of his Arrowhead hoppers to depict DRGW cars in service in 1990.


Here they are bringing in decorative rock for landscape projects at Magdalena on the 1990 portion of the Limpia Canyon Northern RR. (Click here for more on Magdalena.)


These cars are extremely realistic and look really great close up as well.

unnamed (1)

Here’s the other side of the cars weathered for the late 1960s or so.


When Sanderson Scoria gets a bulk offline order the LCN provides some non-LCN cars as the LCN scoria cars are not for interchange.

unnamed (2)

Arrowhead Models has really led off with a winner!

LCN logo 7 with n tighter