Did Hemingway really pick Cubero, New Mexico to write a novel about the sea?


Ernest “Papa” Hemingway in 1958.

Legend has it that one of my favorite novelists went to one of my favorite states to write.  The legend is that Hemingway stayed at the Villa de Cubero Tourist Courts in Cubero, NM to write Old Man and the Sea.  Now, I have stomped around a number of “Papa’s” haunts in Paris and Key West.  He liked exotic venues for his writing.  Not sure I buy this one, but I suppose it could have happened.


Postcard of the Villa de Cubero “De Luxe” Tourist Courts.

The store is still nice.


However, the tourist courts have seen more “de luxe” days.


How did I learn of this legend?

From one of the best “forgotten places” sites out there–City of Dust.

If you haven’t checked it out, you are missing out!

Anyway, this site recently had a post which led me to this great post on the legend.


Could this have been Papa’s room? –photo from http://www.dukecityfix.com/profiles/blogs/the-cubero-adventures

I could try to summarize the post, but I likely wouldn’t do it justice.  Not sure El Diablo Puerco is translated correctly, but other than that minor detail, it is a great post.  The author(s) did a great job describing the legend and their exploration.

Pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.  Make your own decision.

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