Modelling the Magdalena team track on the LCN RR

I asked my friend B. Smith to share some teamtrack operations on his LCN RR set in the West in in 1990–

The team track photos below are taken in the town of Magdalena, population of about 45,000.  Industries served by rail located in Magdalena include the Coop Elevator, feed mill, beer distributor, wholesale food warehouse, newspaper printing company,  bakery, specialty cotton finishing plant, scrap aluminum bailing operation, and a team track.

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The team track is regularly used by the local building supply for inbound shipments of lumber, brick, and bagged cement.  Other occasional shipments include asphalt for the highway department and parking lot paving, pipe for the expansion of the city water and sewer systems, farm combines and heavy construction equipment, rebar, and poles and wire for the electric power company.

Pipe is a frequent inbound.

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All shipments are pretty much inbound loads, I can’t remember an outbound load from the team track.  When a box car is spotted, if you aren’t there to see it unloaded you usually can’t tell what it carried.

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Some loads are more obvious.

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The highway department frequently receives material.
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Gons loaded with asphalt.  They are not on the team track yet where they will be unloaded.  Three gons loaded with asphalt were spotted near the ATSF station in Alpine, TX in the late 70’s/early 80’s.  That was about the only time I ever saw rail cars spotted for unloading by the ATSF station in Alpine.
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As you can see, that short 2-3 feet of track has offered the LCN RR a lot of interesting and diverse operations.