ATSF 2764 Williams Jct. AZ Sep 27 1990 I

This site explores my efforts to create a model railroad evocative of a special place I lived in the early 1990s–Roswell, New Mexico.  It will be a lot about my modelling efforts but a whole lot more–a special places in the West (especially New Mexico and West Texas), scenery, food, music, things that made life special there–then and now.  Even though I live a long ways from New Mexico now, it will always be a special part of me. Whether you are a model railroader or you just enjoy learning about a special region and lifestyle, I hope you enjoy this.

About me — I am an aficionado of special places in America, conservation, history, railroads and the arts. I have been blessed to work in conservation (natural and cultural) for almost three decades–I started very young! I am fond of our public lands (National Parks, Bureau of Land Management, Wildlife Refuges, U.S. Forest Service, State parks, etc. and also have an appreciation for people who have sought to make a living from this challenging landscape (such as American Indians, farmers, ranchers, miners, as well as guides), especially those who strive to balance their need to make a living and the need to be good stewards.

Roswell (and the greater Southwest) is special to me because I learned a great deal about conservation, stewardship and many of America’s special places. I always enjoyed watching the ATSF provide valuable services to the public seeking to make a living in this challenging landscape day in and day out. Though a bit geographically isolated, the ATSF helped Roswell connect with the rest of North America.

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