Arrowhead Models’ new hopper


Per Arrowhead Models’ website, there are 141 separate parts to this outstanding model.  It shows.  It truly is ready to roll.  Scale wheels and, since I want this car to represent a late-1960s to mid-1970s, ACI tags are the only things I could think to add.  If you were modeling a later era, a COTS would be in order.

It is a masterpiece.  I pretty much love everything about this car.


The model looks like a prototype that was magically shrunk to 1/87 scale!  There are really no angles where the model does not hold up to fine scrutiny.  The ends and gates level of detail is extraordinary.



I like how they are compact and look really great on the layout.  Having a long string would not take up a huge stretch of track.


Arrowhead Models really filled an important void with this offering.


There are only two very minor things I’d change.  One, I’d make the fine coal load just a bit easier to remove. Two, I’d suggest the interior could be just a hair more detailed.  However, those are quibbles and the fact the load is snug makes it look very realistic.  And, as you can tell if you click on the photos, there is actually a good level of detail on interior.  Note the rivets.

Congratulations to Arrowhead for such a fine initial offering!  If this suggests what is to come, Arrowhead is positioning itself to be a true leader in the industry.

I have more work to do if I am going to have a long string of these beauties…



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