A versatile industry, a ramp

In my early 1970s version of the RailsWest layout, I wanted a place where I could handle a diversity of traffic–a place to load onions and cotton grown in the valley and a place to receive goods brought in for area businesses, such as the Safeway and lumber yard.


I wanted it to be able to handle 2 to 3 cars and look like it has been there out in the sun for a long time.


I also wanted it to look like it had been maintained over the years.


In fact, I wanted part of it to look rebuilt.


I built it by combining four Blair Loading dock kits.


The Blair kits are easy to build.  I recommend this kit.  It looks good and is easy to build.


It can handle 2 to 3 cars.


It looks good upon fairly close inspection.


All in all a great addition to the layout.  It offers a lot of operation possibilities.


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