The Limpia-Rescado Project is really impacting the LCN, Part II

By B. Smith

Today, the inbound cars to Sanderson were waiting at the interchange so there won’t be another night spent in the caboose.  I think the brakeman was sort of hoping for the possibility of another one of Missy’s home cooked meals.  What had begun as a fairly easy day now didn’t look so easy.

As the heavy train finally returned to Sanderson we see two loads of cement, a tank car of gasoline for Sanderson Fuel and Lubricants (fuel and lubricant sales have been brisk with all the Project activity).

unnamed (5)

A duel-engine motor scrapper for the Project, four loads of riprap


A motor grader, also for the Project, a boxcar for Western Wool, and a load of lumber for the local lumber yard.  Concrete construction requires a lot of wood forms.

unnamed (1)

First, the tank car of gasoline was spotted at the fuel dealer.

unnamed (2)

But before spotting the tank, the dual-engine motor scrapper, then the flat of lumber, and with the agreement of the project supervisor and the Lazy W Ranch, the four loads of rip rap had to go in first.


The two cars of cement were placed on the scoria track for unloading as the scoria operation did not expect to load more than a car a day for the next week.



The Lazy W Ranch agreed to let two cars of riprap to be placed by their feed bins but not unloaded there.  The Ranch did not want to risk damage to their bins with the unloading of riprap right next to them.  The contractor was very pleased with the new riprap being supplied now.

unnamed (1)

Of course, the LCN can’t forget their regulars customers and the boxcar was spotted at Western Wool and Mohair.  So what started out as an easy day for the train crew became a rather long day, but they finished within the hours of service.
unnamed (3)
LCN logo 7 with n tighter

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