The Limpia-Rescado Project is really impacting the LCN, Part I

The morning after the day delivering the cars that had been late arriving at the interchange (necessitating the crew spending the night in the caboose), the LCN crew finds the following in Sanderson.  The three cars of cement have been unloaded as has the last car of riprap.  The Lazy W Ranch’s load of feed is also empty.  There is a load of scoria ready to go to the interchange.  And the Safeway car is ready to pull.  The tank car of molasses has finally been released and will also go to the interchange


The crew quickly gathers up the empties on the team track.  Below, the empties are shoved against the scoria load.

unnamed (1)

The engine grabs the Safeway car and runs up the main to the head of the train.

unnamed (2)

With train assembled below, an air test is made.

unnamed (3)

The train pulls out onto the main and the conductor lines the switch behind.  The train heads for the interchange.

unnamed (4)


LCN logo 7 with n tighter


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