A Night Run (of sorts) on the Limpia Canyon Northern — The Next Day

After some fitful rest, the crew woke up, ate a few of Bills beans and went to grab the interchange which had been very noisily left about 3:00 am!  This Bureau of Reclamation project is killing the LCN crew.  Always feast or famine on railroads!


The train finally arrives in Sanderson after an uneventful trip across the canyon.  The train has two more loads of cement, as well as a load of feed and a Safeway car.

unnamed (1)

Above are the two cement cars and feed car being spotted.  Getting that tank car of molasses unloaded is as slow as, well molasses.  It will have to be respotted.

unnamed (2)

Interesting, we have a Rio Grande cement car today.  Most of our cement cars have been SP/SSW cars.

After all the cars were spotted, the crew made a beeline to knock off and find their beds.

Many, many more loads of cement, aggregates, steel, lumber (for forms) and pipe are anticipated.  The trainmaster had anticipated five loads of cement yesterday.  Only two arrived.  That may mean a big run tomorrow.  Let’s hope the crew survives this.


BOR Logo Limpia-Rescado Project – Making Limpia Valley Bloom

Some readers have wanted pictures of the Limpia-Rescado Project.

Here is a picture of a Bureau of Reclamation project in New Mexico that is a few months ahead of this project.

dam 2.png

Below is what the Limpia-Rescado Project looks like right now.

dam 1




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