Some Cement Coming into Sanderson

By B. Smith and C. Hunt

Nearly missed seeing the local arrive because of the time change, forgot to change my clock.  But I managed to catch the train as it arrived in Sanderson.  I had heard that the Bureau of Reclamation was starting a project and has cement coming in.


The caboose was cut off next to the old freight house, now the local fuel dealer, so the conductor could chew the fat with old man Wilson who runs the place.  Let the underlings handle the switching.  Besides, with a five-man crew and the short train lined out it wouldn’t take long.  Just got to move that tank car of molasses so the cement cars, feed car, and box car for the fuel dealer could be spotted, re-spot the molasses tank, then the ATSF box to the wool house.  Pretty easy.

2 -1

The cement cars are spotted and the feed car is about to be cut off.


The fuel dealer’s load is next.
While the crew re-spots the molasses car and then heads over to the wool house I check out the cement cars.  Apparently, the Bureau of Reclamation is going to be building a small dam along Limpia Creek that will require a bit of concrete.
Word is that a lot more cement loads and some steel are headed this way.  I’ll have to go check out what they are doing!  They are calling it the Limpia-Rescado Project.
LCN logo 7 with n tighter


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