Some Cement Coming into Sanderson, Part II

The Bureau of Reclamation’s contractors show up shortly after the cars are spotted to begin unloading.  The Limpia-Rescado project is at a stopping point until some cement is delivered.

II 1

“Just in time,” the truck drivers keep repeating, “Just in time!”

II 2

The Limpia-Rescado Project is designed to add a couple of thousand acres in irrigation in the valley.  The Limpia Canyon Northern crew has been told to anticipate a little upturn in fertilizer traffic and possibly some loads of outbound onions in the coming years.

BOR Logo Limpia-Rescado Project – Making Limpia Valley Bloom


Now an interesting feature of the Limpia Canyon Northern is that most of the layout is set in 1990.   As a result, most cars are designed to be dual-era cars when possible.  These cars were becoming rarer by 1990, but some were still on the rails.

Here is the other side of the cars appropriate for 1990–

II 3

We will see in the coming years if the Limpia-Rescado Project affects LCN traffic into Sanderson.

LCN logo 7 with n tighter





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