Railfanning in Sanderson, 1968 Part II

By B, Smith

The railfan outing continues.  First thing, the locomotive, empty scoria hopper, and the caboose back down to the scoria load and couple to it.  I was right, that scoria load is on today’s outbound train.

unnamed (6)Then everything backs down the spur track.  Looks like the three cars on the spur are also on the outbound train.

unnamedEverything is pulled out of the spur.  unnamed (1)The engine runs around its train, couples into the gon, and takes on fuel oil.unnamed (3)After fueling up, the train pulls down to the scoria loader to spot the empty.unnamed (4)The empty is spotted.unnamed (5)And the local leaves town with one load, three empties.unnamed (7)Time to go eat lunch as I await the locals return.

Until Part III…

LCN logo 7 with n tighter

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