Railfanning in Sanderson, 1968 Part I

By B. Smith

I arrived early this morning in Sanderson before any activity was occurring on the LCN.  No car spotted at Safeway or Western Wool.


I climbed the water tank to get this photo.  The Limpia Canyon Northern owner is a steam fan.  Still runs one steam locomotive in 1968!  Going to get steam action today!
unnamed (1)
The tender of the steam engine is spotted next to the water plug so water can be added when needed while the engine sits between runs.
unnamed (2)
Three cars on the spur track.
unnamed (3)
A load is down under the scoria loader, that will probably be on the outbound train today.
unnamed (5)
I see the crew arriving so should see some action soon!
The action will continue in Part II.
LCN logo 6 Primary

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