The Limpia Canyon Northern RR, part V (Magdalena)

By B. Smith
Magdalena is located in the opposite end of the house from Pecos.  Built along two 12 ft walls, it has a rail yard along one wall and an industrial district along the other.
LCN Map with Logo Magdalena
In the photo below we see the track curving from the yard portion, past the engine house, across the removable section that allows access to the closet, and around the removable curve section to the industrial area.  The track leading to San Angelo can be seen passing through the tunnel in the wall on the very right.  The tunnel is disguised as a highway overpass.
Here is an overview of the yard section.
unnamed (1)
And facing the other way the engine house.  More about the yard operations can be found on the September 8 and 16, 2017 postings on this blog.
unnamed (2)
This is the industrial area with the elevator down at the end of the track.  Unit grain trains of seven cars are loaded with wheat at the elevator, about one train a week. D&RGW orange covered hoppers are the predominant empties, here we see four empties on the right most track, two loaded cars on the next track, and one car with the elevator engine being loaded at the elevator.  The two GE locomotives have backed into the printing company spur to pick up an empty hi-cube BN box that has just delivered a load of paper.  A feed mill is on the very left that loads SP and SSW covered hoppers via the overhead pipe.  Those cars are moved during loading by a winch-pulley seen on the ground.
unnamed (3)
Two other rail served businesses are located in the industrial area, a beer distributor and a grocery distributor.
unnamed (4)
A couple of employees at the beer distributor wave to the switch engine from their lunch area.
unnamed (5)
A loaded grain train backs out of the Magdalena industrial area.
unnamed (6)
After clearing the mainline switch, the engine and seven cars proceed through the highway overpass, through San Angelo, and on to the Great Hall.
unnamed (7)
The elevator engine and seven empties crossing the Great Hall on the return trip to Magdalena.
unnamed (8)
Here the unit grain train backs empties into the Magdalena industrial area.  The conductor rides the point.
unnamed (9)
unnamed (10)
unnamed (11)
unnamed (12)
The empties for the elevator are set out here.  Seven cars just fit on this track and still allow the elevator engine to run to the other end to begin loading them.  See the September 3, 2017 post, Bumper Crop on the LCN, for more details on the loading process.
unnamed (13)
That concludes the LCN series.  Hope you enjoyed our trip to 1990 (and the 1960s/70s)!
Editor’s note:  I have had the privilege of operating this layout numerous times.  It is a joy to operate. You can tell that B. Smith has logged many an hour as part of a real train crew, including many years as an engineer.  If you ever get a chance to operate with a real railroader, I highly recommend it.  You will learn a great deal.  From brake tests, to closing angle cocks, to setting brakes, to picking up crew members, its a lot of work to railroading.  Operating your layout with a consideration of these tasks, will make your operations a lot richer and more realistic as well as making your layout seem a lot larger.
LCN logo 7 with n tighter

2 thoughts on “The Limpia Canyon Northern RR, part V (Magdalena)

  1. I wanted to thank Barry Smith for taking the time and the great photos of his layout. I thoroughly enjoyed each article. It appears to be a great operating layout. Look forward to more insight into true prototypical operations from Barry’s point of view.

    Kind regards,


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