Special announcement for an upcoming series concerning the Limpia Canyon Northern layout

For the first time, the Limpia Canyon Northern layout in its entirety will be shared with subscribers of Rails West.

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You have seen bits and pieces of it but this series will show the entire layout from Magdalena to Pecos, including a comprehensive track plan.   I am collaborating with B. Smith to prepare this series which will be shared in the coming weeks.  It may take awhile to share the entire series.

unnamed (7)

I think you will like it.


Special note to my American followers:  Soon the related Rails West and ATSF Roswell Facebook pages will go (for now) dormant.  I have strong concerns about some of FB’s business practices concerning foreign entities and efforts to divide us. I am probably overreacting, but I (for now) wish to limit my interacting with or placing content on FB.  Perhaps that might change in the future.  Besides, social media takes a lot of time out of our lives that we will never get back.

One other thing, I will share with you one of my favorite websites  –  American Battle Monuments Commission — http://abmc.gov/  

Go check out some beautiful sites around the world that can help us reflect on how much sacrifice has been made to give us our freedoms.  We must resist efforts to divide us. It’s time we focus on what brings us together.


OK.  Enough said.  No more “politics.”  Back to railroading!

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2 thoughts on “Special announcement for an upcoming series concerning the Limpia Canyon Northern layout

  1. This is good news indeed. I’m very impressed with Barry Smith’s layout snippets and his description of operation based on his railroad expertise. I might add that I enjoy your modeling work as well. Both of you have given me a wealth of information about modeling in the far reaches of West Texas, some I new about, but for the most part new information. I look forward to Smith’s layout photos and track plans. Thanks very much.

    Kind regards,

    Tim Hebert


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