A little E-L action on the Limpia Canyon Northern in the 1970s!

By B. Smith
I decided that I needed an eastern car to diversify operations a bit.  I zeroed in on getting a car that could occasionally bring goods from back east to the Safeway warehouse.
unname crop
The Erie Lackawanna certainly conjures up some exotic eastern locations.
This car is an RPL reefer built in 5-66.
What I thought would be an easy project turned out to be a bit more challenging.  This is a Red Caboose (now sold by Intermountain) ready-to-run car.  I rarely find cars really ready-to-run but this one required more modification than I originally thought.
unnamed (3)
This car came without a roof walk, so after years of taking roof walks off for my 1990s portion of my layout, I found myself putting one on for the 1960s/70s portion of the layout.  No problem I thought, the roof walk supports are already on the car, and Plano Models sells a generic 60’ boxcar running board (roof walk).
unnamed (2)
The Plano roof walk had to be cut to the proper length but was easy to attach with super glue to the supports that came on the car.  The end supports are provided by Plano and after freeing them from their metal sprue and bending them they glued under the ends of the walk rather easily.  Rather than use the Plano side platforms, the pieces that extends to the ladders, I used platforms cut off a Kadee plastic roof walk as they have a plastic pin that makes attaching them to the roof very easy once a hole is drilled in the roof.
unnamed (4)
I now realized that the corner ladders on the A end of the model were short and needed to be extended to the roof top.  Years of shortening ladders provided me with the parts I needed to extend the ladders.
Looking at photos of real EL cars of this series I saw that even though EL kept the roof walks at least through 1978, the car came with a low brake wheel!  So I had to lower it as the Red Caboose car comes with a high brake wheel.
Addition of an ACI decal and weathering completed my “ready-to -run” car.
unnamed (1 crop)
LCN logo 7 with n tighter

4 thoughts on “A little E-L action on the Limpia Canyon Northern in the 1970s!

  1. B. Smith appears to have an outstanding layout. Each scene tells a story. Curious, I’ve not notice his full layout plan and photos. Would love to see such if he were willing to provide.

    Tim Hebert


  2. With the highs ladders good bet the brake wheel was also high. What kind of produce is that reefer going to bring Safeway? They would also be getting a lot of canned goods in insulated boxcars like RBLs.


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