Magdalena outbound, part II

Now we are going to finish making up this eastbound merchandise train.

In part I, we left as the crew was headed over to the elevator to pick any empties before departing town.

Mag 2

On the elevator spur the crew pulls the empty beer car, picks up the loaded covered hopper from West Texas Feeds, and pulls the empty from the printing plant.

Mag 3

Returning to the yard the three cars are cut off and run around.

Mag 4

Mag 5

Mag 6

The runaround complete,  the crew then turns their attention to the team track/bakery spur.  Two of the cars have not been released and will have to be respotted.  A load of baled scrap, an empty cement car and an empty airslide from the bakery will be put on the outbound train.

Mag 7

It takes a little back and forth…

Mag 8

Mag 9

The two cars (airslide for the bakery and a cylindrical cement hopper) not released are respotted.

Mag 10

Now everything can get put together, including another empty cement car at the end of track.

Mag 11

The train is ready to depart now as soon as an airtest is done.  Two loads, nine empties, 470 tons, ready to go east.

Mag 12

This concludes this series, but I wanted to give you a heads up on an exciting new series coming soon.   B. Smith dug deep into his archives to find some photos from when he documented cotton related shippers on the Pecos Valley Southern in the late-1970s.  His photos are fantastic!  Here’s a sneak peek…

My beautiful picture

Until then, Happy Rails…

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