Magdalena outbound, part I

So the grain train operation has been described. Click here to see that post.  Now it’s time to see what freight train operation looks like.

It’s Monday morning and time to make up the out bound freight train from Magdalena. The crew starts up both U23B’s outside the engine house.

unnamed (1)

First order of business is to pull the empty from Western Warehousing.  Western Warehousing expanded their chain of warehouses recently by renovating an old warehouse here in Magdalena and adding to the LCN’s carloads.
mag 2
The empty from Western Warehousing is shoved against the three empty box cars the grain train crew had brought over from the elevator spur on Saturday.
mag 3
The four empties are shoved into Magdalena Cotton Press spur so the engines can run light to the elevator spur to pull three more cars.
mag 4
The light engine hop heading out to the elevator spur.
mag 5
We’ll make progress on making up the train in Part II of this series.

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