Bumper crop on the Limpia Canyon Northern, Part II

By B. Smith

Back to dealing with that pesky beer car…(Click here to see Part I)

Loading wheat has been going on all morning and there are three empties to go.  The track with the loads is getting full.

unnamed (5)

The crew has shoved the loads as far as they can go without fouling the track the empties were on and there is still one empty on that track.  That darn car of beer is taking up the space we need for the seventh load.


Down at the elevator end we are just clear of the clearance mark on the track.
unnamed (1)

The crew is going to have to couple into the last remaining empty.  A call to the LCN office confirms the cars at the grocery distributor and the beer distributor are empty and released to be pulled.  And the beer distributor would really like his second car of beer spotted.  He is in luck today.

unnamed (2)
With the empty covered hopper in front of the engine the crew rolls down to the grocery/beer spur, pulls the three empty cars.
unnamed (3)
Bring the beer load up…
unnamed (4)
…and spot it.  Now what do they do with the three empty box cars as there is not enough room on the elevator tracks to spot them?  Since these cars go to a different interchange than the cars of wheat they need to put them somewhere.  Looks like a trip to the yard is called for.
unnamed (6)
Part III will share what followed.
LCN logo 6 Primary

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