Pleasures of simple scenes on the layout

A layout offers a lot of opportunities to stage scenes for a while to provide variety and points of interest.  B. Smith offers many scenes along the Limpia Canyon Northern to illustrate.

Here are a couple of images of loading wheat.

unnamed (5)

unnamed (4)

Here, the county is getting some asphalt off the Sanderson team track.


asph 2

Here we see some manure being loaded.  Kind of a nasty job!


manure 2

The the next two scenes, we see the team track in Sanderson getting some more action as a Jimmy and Tom unload some feed.

unnamed (8)

unnamed (7)

Last we see some feed being unloaded in a more humane fashion.


With just a few vehicles and figures, you can stage some great scenes along your line. These “pop-up” scenes only hang around for awhile, but they can make your layout really come alive, even if it is only for a few days.

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2 thoughts on “Pleasures of simple scenes on the layout

  1. Thanks again for keeping us updated on the LCN. I enjoy the blog, especially the operation​s and railroad stories. Those have been invaluable as I build a working model of the Burbank Branch. Thank you for sharing!


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