A couple of neat visitors come to Carrizo Springs–one new, one pretty old.

A couple of General American 50′ RBLs recently came to Carrizo Springs.

I love these two cars.  They represent the closing legacy of two of my favorite fallen flags–the Rock and the Wabash.




These are both Moloco General American 50′ RBLs.  They are outstanding products.  They are among the most well-researched and detailed cars on the market today.  For other road names, click here.  I like how Moloco’s website and Facebook page offer plenty of prototype photos and aid your modeling and weathering.

Note: Some modelers have expressed concerns about the price of these cars and others, but I have come to the point that I want quality and accuracy over quantity.  I’d rather have a few dozen super accurate cars than hundreds of “near cars” and foobies.  Not saying my approach is better, we all have different takes on the hobby.  That’s a good thing.  As long as people enjoy the hobby, their approach is perfect!  I really admire people who scratch build and paint cars as well.  In reality, when I super detail a car, by the time I buy pinlifters, hoses, decals, scale couplers, better trucks and wheels, etc., it adds up closer to the price of these cars.


The Rock car was easy to prepare for 1979.  It was built in 1979.  Only light weathering was necessary.  It was hard to “lay down!”  I like heavy weathering.


It is a gorgeous car.  It means a lot to me.  I was practicing Little League baseball in Houston, the first time I spied blue Rock rolling stock cruising across the street from the field.

Now the Wabash car was a little work, but well worth it I think.

This is how it came from Moloco.


Getting it ready for 1979 was interesting.


It needed its roof walk removed.  Then I added Moloco’s RB-0802 Roofwalk support brackets.


Then I cut down the ladders, which was easy.  Then I added ACIs, wheel inspection dots, lube plates and a ladder warning.  Then it needed to be faded big time.

I applied a very thin light gray wash a couple of times, followed by a burnt umber-grimy black light wash.  I then dabbed a little dark rust and black powers here and there.

It is a bit of an effort, but worth it to me.  I have always wanted a couple of Wabash cars on my layout.


Having it come into town maybe with a Norfolk Western boxcar will be nice.  (The Wabash became a division of the Norfolk and Western in 1964 and was formally merged into the NW many years later.  In 1979, there was a great diversity of Fallen Flag cars running the rails.


The details on these cars are outstanding.


Happy modeling!


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