Sanderson, 1968 — Part II

In Part I, we two came into Sanderson in the late afternoon with box cars for Big Bend Wool and Mohair and two empty open top hoppers for scoria loading.  After little a little action, we took on water.

Let’s pick up where we left off.


About to couple into the load.


Grabbing the two empty hoppers on the main.

unnamed (1)

And putting them on the scoria siding so they can be rolled down for loading.

(Note:  I did a post on modeling scoria operations a while back.  Click here to see it.  It shows scenes from the LCN in 1990.)

unnamed (2)

Backing down the main to get the caboose after leaving the load on the scoria track to be picked up tomorrow.  Looks like the ACI label has just been applied to the hopper.  The crew shakes their heads at this new-fangled electronic system and say it will never work.
unnamed (3)
With caboose in tow the locomotive trundles down to the east end to spot the two loads at Big Bend Wool and Mohair.
unnamed (4)
1968 in West Texas and Big Bend Wool and Mohair is getting in lots of bagged feed in by rail.
unnamed (2)
Big Bend Wool and Mohair with two cars spotted in August, 1977–©B. Smith photo
Above is a scene from 1977 that helped inspire the above operation.
unnamed (5)
The locomotive and caboose tie up at the water plug and the crew call it a day.
LCN logo 6 Primary

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