Time for a little operating…

The local came into town pretty light today.  As is often the case, the yard crew in Trinidad did an iffy job of blocking.


Three empties for the C&C RR interchange and two loads for Carrizo Springs.


A couple of recent Rails West projects are featured.  A re-worked Accurail kit to depict a GN double-door boxcar.  I weathered it, cut the ladders down, removed the roofwalk, added lube plate, wheel inspection and ACI decals, replaced trucks, installed grab irons, stirrups, scale wheels and pin lifters and brake hoses.   It was about a 3-month project with many, many breaks.


IMG_2822 (1)


All in all, I’m pretty happy with it.  Not perfect, end ladders clunky, but it is close enough.


I also re-worked an Athearn BN 40 footer.  I did most of what I did to the GN boxcar, but I did not replace the grab irons.  Again, close enough.  I wanted a couple of double door 40 footers to serve as backups when no 50 footers were available for the sawmill on the C&C RR.  They will be rare visitors, but I like the idea of having a few 40-foot boxcars still on the layout.



Again, a bit clunky in a few places, but overall acceptable.  Weathering hides a lot!

Forty footers are fading icons from the rail scene in my era, the late-1970s and early 1980s.


The two work pretty well together.

We might as well check out the rest of the small consist.


Here’s an empty for loading at the sawmill too.


Here is a load of beer for Hernandez Distributing and the CPLT box is a load of plywood for Foxworth Lumber (team track in town).

IMG_2827 (1)_edited-1

And lastly, the venerable CB&Q caboose that frequently makes the trip over from Trinidad.

The crew will make their set outs and grab a bite at Paul’s Mexican Food.  They’ll grab the empties from Western Warehousing and the empty Frisco box from Hernandez Distributing and beat it back to Trinidad hoping to beat the 12-hour clock.



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