Maps (and planned structures) of the Rails West layout (Conclusion)

In Parts I and II of this series, I shared overall maps and described my structures in place or planned for the east side of Carrizo Springs, the primary town of the layout.  In this post, we’ll explore the west side and outskirts of Carrizo Springs.

Here is a close up of the area we’ll cover–

Layout map Mar 2017 II_carrizo II

Going from east to west (towards the interchange with the Carson & Carrizo RR), I’ll discuss each structure.

Paul’s Mexican Food

This structure is undetermined, but I can share a picture of the inspiration in Carrizozo, NM.


Paul’s Mexican Food, Carrizozo, NM, circa 2007–©photo by C. E. Hunt

This restaurant in the early 1990s had the best red enchiladas and green chili cheese burgers.  It was old school all the way and some of the customers really wore spurs!  It was magnificent in my eyes.  Note the cool swamp cooler out the side of the structure.  Little touches like that give your structure a real regional identity and help create a more authentic sense of place.

Yucca Bar and Grill

This place is the fuzziest in my mind.  I absolutely love this structure (also) in Carrizozo, NM.  I am not sure I’ll do this place, but I’d like to.  It is still a question.  It will involve serious scratch building.  Here is the real structure–


Yucca Bar and Grill, Carrizozo, NM, circa1993–©photo by C. E. Hunt

Above is how the place looked in the early 1990s.  Note iconic sign still there!


Yucca Bar and Grill, Carrizozo, NM, circa 2007–©photo by C. E. Hunt

This photo and the next two were taken around 2007.


Yucca Bar and Grill, Carrizozo, NM, circa 2007–©photo by C. E. Hunt


Yucca Bar and Grill, Carrizozo, NM, circa 2007–©photo by C. E. Hunt

This place screams out to be modeled!  When I did a post on this building in 2015, a reader gave me a great comment–

This was my grandpa’s bar back in the hey day. I worked there when I was a youngster cleaning tables, sweeping and when there was dances or bands I got to serve beer. WOW try that now!!!!–J. Ortiz

We’ll see if I model it, but I know I should try.

The next three are a little easier and almost guaranteed to be quite good because they are Monster Model Works kits by one of my favorite craftsmen kit producers, Jimmy Simmons.  His kits are AWESOME and yield very good results.

Feller’s Garage


Gibson’s Body Shop


Abandoned store (with sign a swinging)


I know it is a little cookie cutter on the last three, but why not embrace excellence and take it easy sometimes?

The infrastructure at the piggyback ramp will be minimal, just a ramp, a couple of trailers and a few tumbleweeds.

At the far western end of the layout, there won’t be much.  My goal is to subtly suggest a change in ecotype as the country begins a transition into the foothills of the Carson Mountains.  A few trees will begin to appear and signage may indicate the boundary of the National Forest.


The IMC mine is still under conceptualization right now.

There you have it on the current and future Rails West layout.  I gotta go, I have a lot of work to do!




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