Maps (and planned structures) of the Rails West layout (Part II)

In the last Rails West post, I shared a couple of key maps and a little history.  (Click here to see Part I.)

In this post, I’ll share some details on structures and planned structures.  As a refresher, the modeled area is shown again below.

Layout map Mar 2017 II

OK, let’s drill down into the east side of Carrizo Springs.

Layout map Mar 2017 II_ Carrizo I

Taking the structures from east to west:

Agri-West Farm Supply — see this post from 2016 for more.  (See part II here.)img_2506

Hernandez and Sons Distributor (Click here for more, again it was a two-part series.)img_2416

Rainbo Bakery (Much more here, multi-part series.)img_2579

Agri-West Lube and Specialty Oil (under development)

This will be based on a variety of influences, but mostly a combination of former dealers in Marfa, TX along a former SP main line. (now UP).DSC_7570DSC_756816176 Russell410 E El Paso 3 Likely the subject of a post in the near future.

Western Warehousing  (Click here to see the first of a two-part series on this structure.)IMG_2272

Ponderosa Feeds (Click here for more.)img_2657

Carrizo Valley Wool and Mohair (under development)

For a post on an active wool and mohair shipper in Alpine, TX in the late-1970s, click here.

This non-rail serviced structure will be based on multiple influences of a few structures in Texas.

wmohmertzonwmohballinger5478c0b1ae95c.imageunnamed (2)Big Bend Wool and Mohair with two cars spotted in August, 1977–©B. Smith photo

In the next post, we’ll venture towards the western end of the layout.





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