Making the NFL “Great Again”

Here’s a blog that has nothing to do with railroads, but maybe a few readers will find it of interest.

Obviously, I love railroads, but I have other interests, including –history, conservation of and enjoying our Nation’s National Parks, National Forests and other public lands, fishing, baseball, golf …and…football.


Old school Bengal uniforms…

I think the NFL and college football are national treasures in their own right.  However, there are a few things that I don’t entirely like in the NFL that could be addressed if the leagues wanted to make the game great again.  I really became an NFL fan as a small kid in Houston.  I grew up almost obsessed with the Houston Oilers.  The time I think the league may have been the greatest was in the late 1970s.  It really sucked having someone take my team away.


My beloved Oilers.

Below are 10 things that I think could get the league headed back towards greatness.

  1. No domed stadiums, period.  Football (and baseball for that matter) was meant to be played outside.  The weather is an integral part of the game.  The new L.A. Rams stadium is proposed to have a dome!!!  In LA?!  No, the league should dictate right now, that there shall be no more dome stadiums.
  2. Henceforth, any time a community put more than 10% funding toward a stadium, the ownership of the name of the team shall be transfer to the city.  No exceptions.
  3. Henceforth, any time a community puts more than 25% funding towards a stadium, the minimum length of time that the team shall remain in that city is 25 years.  No exceptions.
  4. Other than the Dolphins, no color even remotely resembling teal shall be used as a team color.
  5. Nike should be banned as a uniform supplier immediately.  What Nike did to the Buccaneers and Browns uniforms is reprehensible.



  6. The leagues should seriously consider having each team’s uniform go back to the uniforms they had around 1978.  Three exceptions–(1) the Patriots could change their home jersey to blue if they so desired, but they must resume using Pat Patriot on the helmet, (2) the New York Giants can keep today’s uniform over their 1978 uniform.  (The NY looks much better on the helmet than Giants spelled out.), and (3) the New York Jets can keep their current uniform.  It is vastly superior to the 1978 uniform which also had “Jets” spelled out on a green helmet.

    Blue jersey is nice, traditional, just need the Pat Patriot helmet below…


  7. Now, this is really far fetched but I might as well come clean…I would direct two team movements and two name transfers.  (1) I will catch grief from Jacksonville, but I would move the Jacksonville Jaguars to Phoenix (and drop teal from their uniforms!) and move the Phoenix Cardinals to Saint Louis. (2) I would direct Tennessee to give Houston the name “Oilers” back should Houston wish to ever change the name of the Texans.  (3) This may really be too much… I would have Indianapolis offer to give Baltimore the name “Colts” back.  Baltimore may prefer Ravens but at least the offer should happen.  The names of teams should generally belong to cities and the fans.  It is just the right thing to do.


    The old Saint Louis Cardinals…

  8. I would raise the barriers to letting the Raiders and Chargers to leave their cities.  I know teams need to move occasionally, but it should only be in truly extraordinary circumstances.
  9. Restore the point after line to the 2-yard line.  It’s hard to get a touchdown.  There’s nothing wrong with a fairly easy extra point.  If it served the game well for a few decades, why change it?
  10. Dump the color rush uniforms.  They are gimmicky.

I do strongly support the safety enhancements in the game.  The long-term health of the players is very important.  The recent article on Mark Gastineau is sobering.

In my book, these 10 changes will go a long way toward enhancing the game and helping me feel like all is mostly well in the NFL.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles

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