The Carrizo Valley will now have some well-fed Cows


Ponderosa Feeds has now begun operations in Carrizo Springs.   It took over an old tool shed built by the CB&Q in the 1930s.  It has minimal infrastructure–an office, a couple of augers and a few delivery trucks.  I like it because it can generate a lot of traffic without a lot of fussy infrastructure.



The trucks load, make a delivery and then return.  The Trinidad-Carrizo Spring local runs every 2 or 3 days, so that generally gives the crew adequate time to empty the spotted covered hoppers.

The office is Monster Model Works’ new Brick Engineers Tool Shed.  Monster Model Works produces excellent kits.  Many more will appear on the Rails West layout in the future.   Jimmy Simmons, the owner of Monster Model Works, does a great job with his manufacturing and instructions.  While not beginners’ kits, they do assemble pretty easily for anyone with a little experience–and the results are fabulous.




I am very pleased with this kit.  It is the perfect small office.  If you haven’t tried any of Jimmie’s kits, you are missing out.

Now the augers were a bit more of a challenge.

Following B. Smith’s lead, these are slightly kitbashed from Walthers Old-Time Coal Conveyor (Walthers Part # 933-3520).  See my earlier posts on augers for more.




They are not perfect but are a good stand-in for an auger to support an operation of this sort.


Ponderosa Feeds will provide a pretty consistent shipper for the railroad.  Generally cuts of three to five cars are delivered.  Since the augers are mobile, you don’t have to have a long lead so all the hoppers can dump into one bin.  That is a real space saver for the layout!


Keep an eye out next time you are in Carrizo Springs to see what’s going on at Ponderosa Feeds!



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