Another baby for the layout (BN!)


Tangent Scale Models has done some real solids for us BN and BN predecessor modelers of late.  After recently releasing the 4740 covered hopper in Great Northern and Northern Pacific, Tangent then added Burlington Northern, Northern Pacific and another Burlington paint scheme to their incredible Hy-cube model.

All three of these cars are outstanding.  There was just one hitch for me personally, I model 1981 and the BN model offered was for 1982.


One obvious spotting feature is the white hy-cube band across the top of the end.  Other differences included different lube plates, no ACI tag and no yellow dot.  All of which would have been removed or revised in the 1982 re-paint.



BN 281469, location, date and photographer unknown (probably late-1970s)–©photo C. E. Hunt Collection


Above is a late 1970s shot of the type of scheme I wanted for my 1981 era Rails West layout. The yellow dot has yet to be applied and the ACI tag has been removed. Online sources show better the likely 1981 appearance of my car.  Click below for the examples I used on my model.


I didn’t seek to perfectly capture all the 1981 appropriate details, but I sought to change the ones that would have the most impact.  My car is not perfect but close.  Above, I had to remove the yellow sign and the more modern lube plates.  I then, with decals, added a yellow wheel inspection dot, ACI tag and a new lube plate.

Next, I painted over the white end panels.


This had the most impact and gave the car a nice pre-1982 feel.

After the addition of scale wheels and some weathering, I have a nice stand-in for a BN hy-cube car to bring appliances to Western Warehousing in 1981.

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