I like augers (Part I)

I like augers for model railroads.  They can credibly give you a reason to spot a lot of hoppers without the need for a large structure.  Further, it mimics what goes on in the real world.
Here are a couple of shots of an auger operation in I took in San Marcos, TX in 2010.

San Marcos, TX –©photo by C. Hunt


San Marcos, TX –©photo by C. Hunt

This one was immobile.  I don’t know how the customer moved the hopper to line up the other bays.


Carlsbad, NM–photo by C. Hunt

Above is another stationary auger I photoed in 2008 near Carlsbad, NM.  There are numerous operations like this in SE NM to support large dairy operations.


Auger connected to tractor. Fosston, Minnesota 2010. Photo courtesy –http://look4trains.com/2010/07/break-leg.html

Here’s a mobile auger designed to load cars.  I like how basic it is.  I also like the Farmall!
Here’s a more modern version I encountered one warm morning in Odessa, TX in 2008.

This auger was positioned to unload the below string of cars in Odessa, Texas June 21, 2008. –©photo by C. Hunt

It looked to be unloading frac sand.  It was parked near this string of cars.


Sand cars awaiting unloading.–©photo by C. Hunt

I noted strings of mostly CNW and ATSF covered hoppers coming into Roswell in the early 1990s to bring in cattle feeds for area dairies.  Here below (just south of town) is the spot I noted these cars captured recently off Google Earth.

CNW cars waiting to be unloading at the auger in Roswell, NM, 1993–©photo by C. Hunt

I have decided that my next customer to be built for my Rails West layout, Ponderosa Feeds, will be a couple of augers and trailers and a small office.  I will need augers.  Sadly, there is no good commercial kit of which I am aware.
I posed a challenge to B. Smith as to how I could build some augers, and he came through with flying colors.  Part II will share his scratch-built auger he just completed.

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