A bakery comes to the Rails West layout

As numerous past posts would suggest, I am a fan of bakeries on layouts.  They are a steady source of traffic and don’t take up a huge area on a layout.  As I have written, I enjoyed driving by a bakery in Roswell, NM every day to monitor the rail action.  Every two or three days, a new load would come in, sometimes a couple.  Here are some pictures from earlier posts that I took in the early 1990s in Roswell, NM.



1993 local coming into Roswell II



View of the silos that once stood in Roswell, NM and a ATSF freight bringing a load in. You can see the pneumatic tube heading towards the bakery on the right hand side of the above photo.  It was high to prevent interfering with vehicle traffic, 1993.– all ©C. Hunt photos



My challenge was that I didn’t want to build the whole bakery, it was a bit large and I didn’t really want to scratch build the whole structure.  I wanted something close, but it didn’t have to match perfectly since the Rails West layout models a composite of western locales versus Roswell.

I decided to model only the office and the silos and suggest the larger bakery and loading docks off the layout.

Here are the Walthers Cornerstone two kits I used as the foundation–

These are the Plastic Pellet Transfer kit (933-3081) and Industry Office (933-4020) kits.

There was one problem to tackle immediately–the silos were way too high.  I had to cut them down.


Here they are after I cut them down.  There were about 30 feet too tall.  Cutting the rounded, thin plastic was tricky.  I used a miter box very carefully and a lot of sanding to get them to equal heights and squared off.  Once I got them to about the “Roswell” heights, I assembled the silos.


Once I was happy with the silos, I started on the associated structures and the office.


The office was a breeze to build after tackling the silo cut downs.


I will share the final product in the next post.  Overall, I am pretty pleased with it.

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