Coming soon…and other ways to connect with Rails West

I will soon be posting a blog on another new structure for the Rails West layout.  It will be a structure to reflect the western agrarian aspect of the layout.  The area around Carrizo Springs produces a lot of wheat and some fruit in the valleys, the area is known for its cherries.

A lot of thought went into the structure and I will be sharing my philosophy on the structure and what it means to the overall layout experience.

I also wanted to share another couple of ways to connect with Rails West.   I manage two Facebook pages that share additional photos and information and announces new posts to the blog.  Facebook is a bit more interactive.

The first is, not surprisingly, “Rails West.” —   Click here to check it out.

The second reflects my earlier interest in modelling Roswell, NM in the early 1990s, a theme that surfaces in Rails West from time to time and remains a significant interest to me.   Click here to check it out.

I took a lot of pictures in the late 1970s-early 1980s in Texas, Louisianna and Arkansas mainly and in the early 1990s mostly in New Mexico and Texas.  I share photos from time-to-time via my Facebook pages.  Example below.  A lot of ATSF, MP. Frisco, Rock, SP, BN, ICG and Katy action.


MP in Nashville, AR, August 1978–©photo by C. E. Hunt

I also post some great pictures from B. Smith (mostly West Texas, 1970s-present) and a few photos I have collected over the years.

Consider “liking” these pages if you’d like to see these photos and get updates on posts.

Until next time…



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