More babies!

Tangent has just released a great new item, a 40′ hi-cube boxcar, sometimes called a “baby” hi-cube.  On the heels of my previous assembly and weathering of a couple of Hi-Tech Details 40′ boxcars.  (See post.) I decided to add a few more of these distinctive cars to the roster thinking that Western Warehousing may receive loads of appliances from time to time.


I have purchased a few of these great cars.  I decided weather first the CBQ model (above).  The level of detail is phenomenal.  I also really wanted a UP model so I also purchased a UP Athearn model and upgrade it a bit.


The Athearn model (plug door) is only accurate for the UP.  While the details are rougher, scale wheels, new stirrups and Accumate scale couples and pockets, make this car acceptable and provides variety because of its plug door.

These cars didn’t come like this…  This is how they looked after I installed the scale couplers on the UP model and applied the COTS, ACI and yellow dots decals.  I used prototype photos to suggest proper placement of the decals.


Here’s after the first cut at weathering.


After a little clean up, the cars started looking pretty good.



The middle car is the Hi-Tech Details model.


The detail on the new Tangent car is spectacular!




I am very happy Tangent produced this iconic car of the 70s and 80s!  They will make handsome visitors to the layout from time to time.

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