The first Rails West structure! (weathering)


Western Warehousing is in service!    In this post, I’ll share a little on weathering and signage.


The weathering was easy.  I brushed it with an alcohol wash with a few drops of Floquil Grimy Black and Roof Brown.  I occasionally would pick up a little black or rust powering dust (A.I.M.).  I occasionally went heavy to create a few streaks, particularly under the vents.


I attempted to seal seams in the bricks with plastic wood with mixed results.  Some cracks still show.  I weathered the downspouts with a wash of Vallejo Game Effects Dry Rust (72-136).  This is a versatile product to have on hand.


With a little practice, the wash approach gives great results.

For the signs, I created them in Powerpoint and them printed them on photographic paper. The key is to cut them carefully with a straight edge and then color the edges a dark color with a marker.  A white border is a giveaway.



I purposely put door numbers only above two doors so I could get a white marker and “paint” numbers on two of the door surfaces.  That is pretty common on rail-served warehouses.


All in all, I’m pleased with the results.  There are a few flaws, but given my limited modelling time, I think it will work well.

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