Visitors from the North

Recently the Rails West layout had some visitors from the north country, actually a couple of cars I just got around to prepping for the layout–weathering, scale wheels and couplers, ACI tags, consolidated lube plates and the wheel inspection dots.


I like the way they turned out.  If you treat each car as a work of art, it can add so much to the development and realism of your layout.  The first car is Tangent Scale Models new flat bulkhead car.  It is a work of art in its own right.  They are breathtaking models.


I love these cars.


The detail is magnificent.  Tangent did a super job on these.


Close-ups of sides and decks.


Lube plates and wheel inspection dot applied.


The other visitor was a Fox Valley Models car I finally got around to prepping for the layout.


With a little TLC, this car too can make a great addition. Lube plates and dots needed on this one too.  This one need a brake hose as well.  Pin lifters may come in the future.


More visitors to come soon.


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