Today’s run of the Asherton Branch

I have gotten requests for more coverage of the layout.  I am having too much fun operating and weathering cars to do much scenery or structures, but I thought I’d share the most recent run.


Here the Asherton local is coming into Mineral Wells.  The bakery, beer distributor and feed supplier need a pick up.  Only a couple of loads of beer are to be set out in Mineral Wells.


Jim, the engineer, is conferring with Dennis, our conductor today, to determine the best strategy today.


They decide to pile all the outbound on Rocky Mountain Feeds spur to make it easy to pick them up on the way back to Trinidad.


With the beer loads spotted and all the outbound dumped into the feed dealers spur, it is time to time to head out for Carrizo Springs.  Jim remarks that is the first time he has seen a Hamm’s car.   (Its days are likely numbered.)  Though Hernandez and Sons is a Coors distributor, they have started handling a few other brands of late.  Tito, the dock manager, said they anticipate loads of Schlitz also starting to come in since the distributor over in Artesia shut down.


Leaving Mineral Wells.


Rounding the curve and on into Carrizo Springs.  Looks like the piggyback ramp has an outbound.


First task is to pull the empties off the interchange with the short line that services the college in Asherton.


Dennis has gotten out and is chatting up the driver who brought in the load to the ramp. He only got it loaded about an hour before we arrived.  He had heard we might be bringing in some trailers.  None today on the local today.  The trailer he loaded is filled with scrap paper headed overseas.


Next is to pull the flat off the piggyback ramp to facilitate a runaround.


Bringing the empties off the interchange and from Western Minerals.


And getting all the outbound traffic together and on the siding.


Now, it is time to temporarily spot the unusually large volume for the team track–5 boxcars on the lead for Western Minerals so the LPG tank car can to placed on the interchange.


With the LPG car spotted on the interchange, now they can pull back and service Western Minerals.



Jim wants to get the spot right.  Western Minerals can get fussy about their spots.


With that taken care of, now time to service the team track.  Jim and the crew haven’t brought in 5 loads for the Carrizo Springs team track in a long time.  Looks like loads for the Western Auto, Y.O. Lumber Yard and a box car of salt licks for the XTO Ranch.


After spotting the team track, Jim comes back down to get the waycar and heads back toward the outbounds.


Dennis had the foresight to call for the outbounds to be on the inside siding, so Jim can back down the feed dealer track in Mineral Wells and retrieve the entire train.


Backing all the way down, Jim is able to make up the entire outbound train.


Both cuts of outbound are now coupled.


With the train assembled, it is time to head to head to Trinidad.


Interesting consist on the outbound back to Trinidad.


The crew should be back in Trinidad well before sunset.

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