The new layout (Part V), an “enhanced” operation session after lunch.

The food was amazing as usual, but we all ate too much.  Not sure why I loaded up on chips…

Let’s get this run done.


Here the local is venturing to the end of the BN line to Western Minerals.  They have four empties to spot.   Paul, the loading manager is still at lunch, so the crew just takes a guess at the best spot.


With Western Minerals serviced, there only remains the team track to spot. Thank goodness nothing for the piggyback ramp today.


The crew retrieves the team track loads that were parked on the branch to the college…


Then time to clear the team track to make way for the inbounds.


Now time to spot the team track loads.


With the loads for the local Western Auto and feed dealer spotted, probably the CB&Q hi-cube is a load of appliances, it is time to clear out of Carrizo Springs.

IMG_1847 (1).jpg

OK, the crew better remember to pull the ICG covered hoppers on the way out of Mineral Wells.


They remembered.  The conductor is getting ready to hop off the waycar to pull the pin on the couplers between the waycar and the ICG flat and set the turnout.


Jack pulled the pin and secured the brakes on the waycar.  He then walks up to throw the turnout.


The engineer eased down the line, Jack connected the hoses and opened the angle cock.  The engineer then eases up the line far enough the clear the turnout and ease back down to retrieve the caboose.

Hoses connected, angle cocks opened and brake wheel released on the waycar.  After a short air test…


It is time to head home.

The crew of the Carrizo Springs turn has done their work for the day.

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