Revisiting one of my favorite spurs in Texas



View of spur from road looking west.

Along the Union Pacific in San Marcos, Texas, there’s an interesting short spur.  The spur was busy June 16, 2014 .  Two cars filled with what appears to be oats were spotted.  I discussed this same spur during the series on derails March 29, 2014.


CNW 490119 spotted in San Marcos, TX on June 16, 2014

The unloading operation is simple and great for a model railroad–lots of operations, little space required.  All you need is an auger.


There are no kits of an unloader of this nature.  It is a nice scratch-building opportunity.  Here is a post of one modeller’s efforts.


The oats unload into this bin.


Bin into which the oats are unloaded.

Then brought up the auger and put into a truck.


CGEX 1781 spotted at San Marcos, Texas, June 16, 2014

This time, there was a second car waiting to be unloaded.  It had an aging, but attractive Cargill logo.


The derail I discussed March 29 is still on the job!


Here is an aerial of the spur.


Aerial of spur

Here is a close-up.  Truck to which the oats are unloaded can be seen in this photo.


Note truck with red cab standing by to receive unloaded oats.

Short spurs like this can add a lot of operational interest to layouts.



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