Roadtrip to 2014, to none other than…Delaware! (Part II)


Perdue Poultry, Bridgeville, DE, May 17, 2014 –photo by C. Hunt


Let’s venture a bit farther south down to Bridgeville, DE.  There is a large mill that Perdue uses to supply poultry producers.  It is a bit large for a small layout, but could be selectively reduced.


Aerial of Perdue Poultry in Bridgeville.

There are three spurs here and would support a lot of operations.  A reduced version could just feature one or two spurs.


Warehouse across the tracks–photo by C. Hunt

The facility is larger than it appears in the aerial.  There are warehouses on the other side of the track.


Even further south is the town of Seaford on the Nanticoke River and along the National Park Service’s Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail.  Seaford is host to another poultry feed supplier–Venture Milling.


Venture Milling in Seaford, DE, February 2014.–photo by C. Hunt

The Norfolk Southern is servicing the other side of the mill on the same day the above picture was taken.


Norfolk Southern servicing Venture Milling, February 2014 –photo by C. Hunt


Venture Milling in Seaford, DE. Note Nanticoke River and swing bridge.

An interesting, but fairly large facility which would likely require selective downsizing if modelled.

Seaford also has interesting museum and offers great kayaking along the National Historic Trail.


Our last destination in this post is Milford, DE.  Again another agriculture-related customer.


Growmark FS in Milford, DE.

Growmark FS supplies a wide variety of products to farmers including includes seed, plant nutrients, lime, and crop protection materials. In the above photo you see three covered hoppers spotted.


Aerial of Growmark FS in Milford, DE.  Growmark FS is the business to the right of the rail spur.

An interesting feature of this business is that the spur appears to actually serve the next door neighbor as well–United States Cold Storage.


United States Cold Storage in Milford, DE.

It is unclear whether the spur is currently used by United States Cold Storage, but it gives the modeller the opportunity to bring in refrigerator cars and insulated box cars.  The Company’s website does boast of having “Norfolk Southern Railroad service with 4 rail doors.”


Doors (green dots) at United States Cold Storage that could receive rail shipments.


Before we leave the western side of the Delaware, I wanted to briefly mention one business in Dover, Kraft Foods.


Kraft Foods in Dover, DE.


Kraft complex in Dover. Almost all of this is Kraft.

Located in Dover, the 117-acre site employs approximately 535 employees.  It is like a little city.  It manufactures food and beverage products such as; Stove Top stuffing mix, Jell-O desserts, Dream Whip whipped topping mix, and Kool-Aid, Country Time, Crystal Light soft drink mixes.   Kool-Aid was only recently added to the line in Dover.  Previously, it had been produced in Mexico.  It is encouraging to see production come back to the United States.


Close up of the larger facility. The green dots show all the rail lines servicing the plant. Fifteen freight cars are spotted at the plant in this recent aerial. More could be inside the plant. The plant has its own means of shifting cars about the plant.

Probably way too big to model but interesting nonetheless.  Also, since Kool-Aid was important to me as a child, it is neat to know it is once again made in the United States.  (Just as an aside–think about how much less waste there was with Kool-Aid–no plastic bottles, etc.)

Next post and map

Part III of this post will feature rail-served businesses in Lewes, Millsboro, and Frankford.  To give you a geographic orientation, here is a map.  With the exception of Dover, DE which is north of Harrington, the map shows the locations of the businesses on this post and Lewes (next post).  Millsboro and Frankford are too far south to appear on this map.  Until next time…



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