Roadtrip to 2014, to none other than…Delaware! (Part I)


Mountaire Farms, adjacent to the State Fair grounds, is the only customer located in Harrington terminal, as seen being worked by high-hood GP38-2 5240 on H43 in December 2012. — photo © Scott Harris.  For a great collection of shots around the area, see

In this post and the next two, I will give you a feel for some of the operations you can model in Delaware.  The above photo is one of my favorite businesses I will share.  It is attractive, interesting and small enough to model.  It also reflects a very typical southern Delaware industry–poultry production.  Mountaire Farms is an agricultural food processing company with more than 6,000 employees in Delaware, Maryland and North Carolina. Facilities of this sort supply poultry producers across southern Delaware.


Aerial view of Mountaire facility in Harrington.


Facility in 2013 after covered hoppers have been spotted.

If you notice in the above aerial, across the tracks from Montaire is a propane supplier.  it too is a potential business to model.


Suburban Propane could periodically receive propane in long tank cars.  Part III of the series will provide examples.

Let’s run a little south of Harrington to find another agricultural related shipper.


Willard Agri-Services in Greenwood, Delaware is a liquid fertilizer dealer.  Most rail-delivered products would likely come in by tank car, but there appears to be a place to unload covered hoppers as well.

A little further south, but still in Greenwood, is Railing and Building Products.


This business would typically receive shipments by flat car.  See yellow center-beam fat spotted there in this recent photo.  Occasional box cars could also appear.

Here is a map to orient you to the terrain we have covered thus far.  The green dots roughly reflect the location of the three businesses.


More businesses to come in Parts II and III including one of the more unusual rail-served facilities in the country.



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