Roadtrip to 2014, to none other than…Delaware! (Introduction)


NS 2607 April 26, 2014 in Harrington DE — photo by David Nutter

I know this may seem an odd topic given the New Mexico (sometimes Texas and Southwest) flavor of this sight, but I recently visited Delaware and liked what I saw.  I thought I’d share it within the context of a potential entry-level layout.


Harvesting corn in Delaware

Southern Delaware has a vibrant agricultural economy.  Tourism is big along the coast, but agriculture, particularly poultry and truck farms, are key components of the landscape and economy.

I will start by this series by giving you a feel for some of the operations you can model (Parts I, II and II).  In Part IV, I will show a potential simple layout you could build to capture some Delaware action.  In Part V, I will discuss locomotives and rolling stock and give a brief overview of possible operations.

To give you some starting context, here is a historic map of Delaware rail lines.  Many of the lines are still in operation.


An undated map of the Philadelphia, Wilmington, & Baltimore Railroad and Connections –photo courtesy of the State of Delaware

I hope you will enjoy this brief detour from the Southwest and the early 1990s.

Below is a sneak peak of the kind of operations I will share with you.








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