Layout progress report #2



North of Roswell looking north up the ATSF main in the direction of Portales, 1992

Following up on the track plan I posted February 16, here is a progress report on the layout.  I have gone slowly to revise and try to perfect the actual track configuration.  Now that I am largely satisfied with the proposed track plan, I have now installed phase I of the bench work.  Phase I covers North Roswell and Downtown.  Phase II, to be constructed in the future, covers South Roswell (dairy feed operations and Coors distributorship).

Here are three views of my emerging HO version.


Phase I of benchwork, this is looking to the north towards downtown Roswell.


Around the corner in downtown area, north Roswell (direction of Portales and Clovis) is to the left of the photo.  Box car sits at the approximate location of the Budweiser distributor.


Looking south coming into Roswell from Portales direction. Note 60′ boxcar to give perspective.

Below is a map from yesterday’s post to give the big picture.  Only the area around Roswell will be modelled, but it is important to conceptualize your layout within a larger world to give purpose to your operations.


More in the future as the track laying progresses.

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