Roadtrip to 1967? … or taking the Santa Fe to see Wilbur Wood-Could it get any better?

Say you are a kid in Roswell in 1967 and a devout Chicago White Sox fan.  You have heard about this kid the White Sox have traded for named Wilbur Wood.


Wilbur Wood resplendent his late 1960s White Sox uniform.

You really want to see him pitch.  Just sitting in your dark bedroom listening to Bob Elson and Red Rush broadcast the games on WMAQ is not quite enough–especially when there’s a lot of static.  You want to see a game and Wood pitch in person.  How can the Santa Fe help?


ATSF M160-671118 in Clovis, NM Nov 18 1967. This is likely the engine that would have pulled your train to Clovis.

You take out your trusty ATSF time table and go to plotting.


Spring-Summer 1967 ATSF timetable.


1967 map found in ATSF timetables.

Hmm…”I can catch a train here in Roswell …


Close up of map showing SE New Mexico.

At 8:41 am…


Carlsbad to Clovis schedule


And be in Chicago by 2:00 pm the next day.  Not bad.  Maybe we can catch the game that evening.

Oh…the Kansas City Athletics are coming into town…maybe Blue Moon Odom will pitch…hmmm, they also have that rookie with the funny name…Catfish Hunter.

This is going to be good.

Note:  It was a treat to find this 1967 ATSF timetable.  I hope you enjoyed this road trip into the past!




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