More on chow for cows–pretty sticky stuff, part II (Lazy W Ranch Operation)


Busy time at the Lazy W Ranch as a cut of ATSF feed is being unloaded.

Welcome to the LCN Railroad.  The LCN is a friend’s HO layout set in the West in 1990.  This post will highlight the Lazy W Ranch Operation.

The Lazy W Ranch expanded its operations a few years back and leased the house track spur from the LCN, including the old freight house.  One or two tank cars of liquid feed are spotted here every week.  The Lazy W Ranch was a pasture operation until it built a feedlot.  Now dry feed is brought in by rail as well as liquid feed.  An occasional inbound load is spotted by the old freight station which is now used to store fencing material, pallets of empty bags, and bagged feed supplements.  Out bound rail shipments of bagged manure in box cars also occur.  The LCN maintains a storage building and a handcar shed in addition to the water column along the passing track.

Here we see the where the covered hoppers of corn feed are unloaded into the two storage bins and then into trucks to be transported to the feed lot a short distance away.  A small bobcat tractor is used to position the covered hoppers for unloading.


Unloading feed at the Lazy W Ranch Operation

This is a view of the entire Lazy W Ranch spur, with covered hopper unloading, the old freight house, and the liquid feed unloading spot.  The water tank in the distance is left over from when steam locomotives were used.  It is still used today as a water supply for fire fighting and to water the LCN’s steam locomotive that pulls the tourist train.


Unloading continues. Note white bobcat near man with the red cap shuttling the car into position.

Below is the liquid feed spot on the Lazy W Ranch spur.


Overview of liquid feed unloading area. Looks like it is going to be a scorcher!

Liquid feed unloaded from the tank cars is stored in the vertical tanks and loaded into tank trucks for transport to its destination.  It is delivered throughout the surrounding region.


Liquid feed being unloaded.


In this shot, we see a load of rebar spotted by the old freight house.  A number of “barn” cats live around the old freight house and keep the mice population in check.


Load of rebar being brought in for a project. See the mice patrol on the platform?


Hope you enjoyed the tour of the Lazy W Ranch Operation.  In the next post, we’ll visit another feed operation in a nearby town also on the LCN–Fat Cow Livestock Supplement.


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