Roadtrip to Zozo (part II)


All these historic buildings and trains works up an appetite!  Fortunately, other than photographing old, charismatic structures and spotting a few trains, the next best thing to do in Carrizozo is eat.

But my all-time favorite place is gone, and it wasn’t in Zozo.  It was down the road in Capitan.  The name was iffy, “The Cafe Ole,” but the food was amazing.  It sat in a little building on the western edge of Capitan.  The building is now painted a somewhat unfortunate blue, but still there.  The green chile cheese burgers, pico de gallo and enchiladas were epic.

Cafe Ole in Capitan

Building that once housed the “epically” good Cafe Ole.


This is the type of food one could experience at the Cafe Ole in the early 1990s.

However, Carrizozo has a few tempting places as well.  The Outpost used to serve a pretty fine green chile cheeseburger as well.  I am not sure if it is still open.


The Outpost in Zozo.


Probably way unhealthy, but what a way to go.

For enchiladas in Zozo in the early 1990s, there used to be a really good place called Paul’s Coffee Cup.  It is now called Kelly’s.  Paul moved to another location and may still offer takeout.


Paul’s Coffee Cup, circa 2006

For dessert, how about a vanilla shake?  Roy’s used to offer a fabulous shake.  Hopefully, it still is there.  Carrizozo just wouldn’t be the same without those shakes.


Roy’s — home of great vanilla shakes!

Eating in New Mexico is a life changing experience.

Next stop,  chasing trains (circa. 1993) in the rugged, beautiful country west of Zozo towards Oscura, NM.

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