How Time Can Change a Place…

Taiban is a small town about 100 miles north of Roswell and along the ATSF main line from Clovis to Albuquerque.  On the edge of town sits a lonely, forgotten church.

Checkout the City of Dust post for January 12, 2014–

Scroll down until you see the picture of the band in an old church.

I visited the First Presbyterian Church of Taiban in August of 1996 and took these pictures. It has changed–the mullions are gone as is a lot of paint. The climate of New Mexico is a bit hard on wooden structures, but they last a long time in that wet rot is rare.  Sorry for the quality of my pictures.  This is what happens when you attempt to take photos off a contact sheet.


Front window of the church. Note mullions were relatively intact. One too many storms have blown through!


Note degree of paint coverage in 1996. 

When you see something you would like to photograph, don’t wait too long.  The landscape is constantly evolving.

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