Modelling aided by aerial photography (Part II)

Let’s look how aerial images aided the track plan design “down at the station.” Here is the track plan segment (See February 16 post)–

Station track plan

Here is the aerial image of the same area–Aerial station and team

As you can see there is a little deviation from the actual configuration, but it is close.  The one green dot is the site where the flour tanks sat, and the flour was unloaded.  The twin green dots indicate the station.  (See February 15 post).  The three green dots mark E. 5th St.

Here is the view from E. 5th St–

station and team from 5th street

The green dot shows where the plastic pellets are unloaded on the team track.  Even though this photo is from 2013, covered hoppers filled with plastic were unloaded there in the 1990s as well.

Here is a view from the front of the station and closer to the team track–

Station and team from front

Note how the track plan roughly comports with the actual area.  (Also note the three covered hoppers on the team track.)

Again, it is not an exact replica, but it is close enough to be evocative of the Roswell I knew in the early 1990s (and largely modern-day Roswell for that matter).

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