I smell baking bread!

Up until the mid-1990s at least, there was a Rainbo Bakery in Roswell.  It filled the area around it with the aroma of freshly baked bread.  The bakery received shipments of flour by covered hopper about once or twice a week.  Normally one or two cars were spotted there–sometimes more.   I remember Pillsbury, ATSF and plain GATX hoppers spotted there.  The flour was produced to two tall tanks and then transported by an overhead pipe as needed to the bakery which was about 200 feet away.  It was a pleasant part of the “ATSF in Roswell in the 90s” and I am planning it to be an industry on the layout.Image

Hopper spotted in front of the white tanks which held the flour.  More photos concerning the bakery to come.

3 thoughts on “I smell baking bread!

  1. Holding you to your promise for more on the bakery. I want to know how the flour pipe worked. I have trouble getting flour out of the bag and into a measuring cup, so I’m eager to see how they transported it long distances through a pipe!


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